What is Kol BeRamah?

Kol BeRamah is a Torah learning cooperative in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We are dedicated to:

  • Bringing Jews to Torah through outreach, education, and a warm and
    welcoming Jewish environment
  • Bringing Torah to Jews through service and support of the needs and growth
    of Torah-committed Jews

What is a “Torah Learning Co-op”?

Many of us have been to “co-op” stores. These are stores in which the customer is a part-owner. In that way they are more responsive to people’s needs, and provide for those needs more efficiently and cheaply.

For a Jew, Torah is like our food. A Torah Learning Co-op is a way to bring Jewish people together so that we can all help each other meet our needs. We are dedicated to providing Jewish education and activities to all Jews in Santa Fe. We invite you to join us (there are no member fees); whatever level your connection to Torah, you have something you can contribute to the growth of Torah in Santa Fe.

Most of all, we invite you to let us know what your Jewish needs are.


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