Of Turbines & Truth

On the road from Santa Fe to Denver, I’ve noticed a few air turbines located along an empty stretch of highway. It is a very windy area (I could feel the wind pushing the car); this wind generates a significant amount of electricity.  (As this is a deserted area, Rivkah surmised that there must be a secret, underground, military base in the area for if not, who is benefitting from the electricity?)

Over Purim I had a conversation about this with an expert, and he explained that electricity is very difficult to store, it would take tremendous batteries, so instead it is generated according to need.  If one is using renewable electricity like wind or solar energy, one cannot rely on a single source alone (it may not be sunny nor windy) rather there must be various sources allowing for variances in weather, while still generating electricity.  In addition, electricity can be carried long distances very quickly and does not need to be generated in the location of use, which is why these turbines can be in the middle of nowhere and do not necessarily tell of the presence of a black site (Rivkah: It shouldn’t be ruled out as a possibility).  Another reason the turbines could be placed there might be because there is a reliable source of wind. (Rivkah: Really?!)

This science illuminates a Torah concept.  We know that the Jewish people are all spiritually interconnected with one another, and that the deeds one Jew influence the entire Jewish people in a very real spiritual way.  It seemed to me that this is similar to the flow of electricity. A Jew does a good deed alone anywhere, even New Mexico, and it carries along to the entire Jewish People and world, across time and space; even more so the power generated by mitzvot that many Jews do gathered together – strengthen the spiritual wellbeing of Jews spread out from their brethren.  This is what it means to bring “light” into the world. The mitzvot increase Divine awareness in the world, uniting us spiritually. The same way electrical currents carry from afar and can be used elsewhere; if we create a surplus, it can be directed to a place of need. So let’s all join together to create that surplus! Creating the light in the world with our Torah learning and good deeds.

So come to Torah classes, Davening, and don’t forget, our new sisterhood, Nashim BeRamah, is holding a food drive until April 2nd, so bring your unopened food packages to KBR to be distributed before Pesach where there is need in the Santa Fe community, and let that light shine!

Good Shabbos from well lit New York,
Rabbi Ron