Shabbat Shuva – Parshat Haazinu – September 26, 2020 – 8 Tishrei 5781

Shabbat Shuva/Parshat Ha’azinu

  • Stone Chumash, p. 1100  (52 Psukim)
  • Haftorah: Shuva Yisrael, Stone Chumash p. 1204

Important Shabbat Times

  • Candle lighting, 6:37pm
  • Latest Shma, 9:55am
  • Latest Amida, 10:54am
  • Earliest Mincha, 1:24pm
  • Havdalah, 7:31pm
  • Communal Zoom Havdalah, 7:50pm

Parshat Ha’azinu– the penultimate parasha of the entire Torah is unique among all the rest, in that it is the only parasha which is almost entirely written in poetic form. Traditionally written in two columns, consisting of seventy sentences (according to Rambam 68 sentences) and 613 letters, Haazinu is an exquisite prophecy, which records the entire future course of Jewish history, from the time of the entering into the land, until the arrival of the Messiah. According to the kabbalists, the name of every Jew in history is encoded in Ha’azinu.

Zoom Yizkor & Kol Nidrei

  • Sunday September 27 @ 5:30 PM
  • Candle Lighting and fast begins @ 6:34PM
  • Sunset for YK Monday 9/28 @ 6:50PM
  • Fast concludes: Monday 9/28 @ 7:28PM