Purim 5781/2021

Matanot L’Evyonim: One of the Mitzvot of Purim is Gifts to the Poor
Deadline: Thursday Night, February 25
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Fast of Esther/Ta’anit Esther

Thursday, February 25

  • Fast Begins, 5:26am
  • Fast Ends, 6:27pm

Purim Night

Thursday, February 25

Purim Day

Friday, February 26

  • Zoom Megillah Reading (The two most preferable options for hearing Megillah are: 1) hearing the Megillah in person, or 2) reading your own Megillah Scroll aloud (muted) with Rabbi Kelman on Zoom. However, if you feel unsafe attending our In-Person Reading, you may still rely on hearing the Megillah over Zoom even without a scroll.), 9:30am.
  • In-Person Megillah Reading (no Services). Outdoors at KBR – Register Here! Registration Required by Wednesday, February 24! NO WALK-INS. 12pm promptly.
  • Your Purim Meal should be completed by 3:30pm, preferably by 12:30pm

Purim Meal when Purim Falls on Friday
This year’s celebration of Purim is on a Friday, which presents us with certain challenges. Normally, the Purim meal is eaten late in the afternoon, giving everyone plenty of time to fulfill the other requirements of the day, i.e., hearing the Megillah and delivering alms to the poor, as well as Mishloach Manot (delivering at least two food items to one fellow Jew). This year, there is a problem because normally, one should not start a major festive meal (bread, meat, wine) on Friday before the beginning of Shabbat. Therefore, this year, one should try to complete the meal by Mincha Ketana, which is 3:30pm. Others are more stringent (see the Mishna Berura) and require that the meal to be eaten before the earliest time for Mincha which is approx. 12:30pm. Either option is valid.

  • Shabbat Candlelighting, 5:38pm