Pesach Greetings

Beloved Congregation of Kol BeRamah,

It gives me great pleasure to wish you all a Chag Kasher V’Sameach, a very Happy and Kosher Passover to all of you, and your families! 

It is worth noting that Passover is the only holiday of the year in which we offer salutations of “Kosher” as well as “Happy” in our  holiday greetings. This is because, despite the highest levels of kashrut we may observe in our homes during the rest of the year, on the days before Passover we are obligated to re-kosherize our kitchens and utensils; otherwise they become “chometz” by Biblical fiat!

For many of us, the holiday preparations do not present too many difficulties. After all, we have separate sets of pots and pans and dishes, some even have separate  ovens and refrigerators! Nevertheless, this might not be true for everyone. Therefore I humbly request that if you do have difficulties, please contact me. My  personal number  617-899-9356. Please call me if you need guidance on how to make your homes kosher for Passover. Don’t be shy! All Rabbis truly look forward to this time of year to help others with their Passover preparations. I am never too busy! Besides, you will find that it is a lot easier than you think!

Finally, as the Covid crisis seems to slowly be coming to an end, we at Kol BeRamah aspire to take the necessary steps toward our eventual reopening and returning to normal. The Torah conveys that the main function of the Korban Pesach, the Paschal lamb,  is to bring together people from all walks of life and transform them into family.  In Exodus 12:4 it states, “But if the household is too small for a lamb, let him share one with a neighbor who dwells nearby.” 

However, you can’t have a family unless each member takes full responsibility for one another. That is why the Torah requires that each member of the group must also pre-register, and take responsibility for it,  as it says “תכוסו על השה” – “subscribe on the lamb” (ibid.).

This Pesach, we look forward to welcoming you for minyan, but please! you must first pre-register online. Please read all the instructions carefully, and we will be happy to welcome you for services. May G-d answer all of our prayers, and may the scourge of Covid be vanquished forever!


                                                                  Rabbi Avraham Kelman