Learning Opportunities

Aliya Yomi – Weekly Torah Portion

Brief but deep 10-minute lessons on each aliya with Rabbi Ya’akov Trump of Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst.

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Aleph Beta

Weekly Torah Portion, Holidays, Prayer & Jewish Thought

Audio and video classes from Rabbi David Fohrman and others, providing fascinating insights. Brief videos on many topics as well as long, multi-part series that delve deeply into our texts.

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From the Orthodox Union

OU Torah is pleased to offer a number of daily learning programs, including Daf Yomi, Nach Yomi (including Torat Imecha Nach Yomi from the OU Women’s Initiative), Dirshu Mishnah Brurah Yomi with Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD, and many more. Another of these programs is the OU’s Mishna Yomit, which is about to begins its next cycle.

Nach Yomi

Restarts January 20, 2022. Through the Orthodox Union & the OU’s Women’s Initiative

Learn the entire Nach (books of prophets and writings everything except the 5 books of the Torah), a chapter a day! Download the Nach Yomi Learning Calendar or Sign up the for Daily Learning Email & Synopsis


Mishna Yomit Cycle

Through the Orthodox Union

Mishna Yomit is a daily Torah-study program in which participants learn two mishnayos a day and complete all six orders of the Mishna in approximately six years. (Of course, individuals can accelerate their learning in order to complete shas mishnayos in their own preferred time frame.) All Mishnah, a free mishna app by the team that brought you All Daf and All Parsha is now available for download! Features include a convenient tracker for Mishna Yomi participants, as well as shiurim, learning aids and resources. A perfect companion for Mishnah Yomi! Download the App