Shofar: Opportunity for Connection

(Published in the High Holiday Edition of the New Mexico Jewish Link.) One of the most iconic images from the High Holiday season is the shofar. While we wait for the Ba’al Tokeah, shofar blower, to sound the first blasts, silence fills the synagogue. And when that first tekiah rings out, the sound is, for… Continue reading Shofar: Opportunity for Connection

Self-Transformation on the Arroyo Chamiso Trail

Going across Santa Fe, there is a very nice path for both walking and biking, called the Arroyo Chamiso trail. As the name implies, it follows along an arroyo (with a lot of chamisa bushes), and during its meandering, passes through a few parks along the arroyo. While biking on the trail last week (wasn’t… Continue reading Self-Transformation on the Arroyo Chamiso Trail

Low Flyers & Low Riders

Rivkah and I went to the NM History Museum in December to see the “Fractured Faiths” exhibit before it closed.  I found it interesting, and thought that the impression given was one of hiding and loss: people hiding their Judaism, and the loss of a culture that was once so vibrant. As we left the… Continue reading Low Flyers & Low Riders

Thoughts on Parshat Beha’alotcha – 5776

When traveling, people watching is an activity I enjoy. You never really know if you read the person correctly, but it is fun to see where your mind wanders and the connections it makes. In reality, you are mostly seeing a person’s externals and deciding what you can learn from them: clothing, haircut, shoes, and… Continue reading Thoughts on Parshat Beha’alotcha – 5776

Lessons Learned from a Goat

There, they get to eat a mixture of grains whilst being milked — a delicacy, for them. The non-lactating goats only get hay, so the availability of this temptingly yummy food convinces them to enter the milk stand, and additionally, it also provides them with needed nutrients for their milk production. As it happens, some… Continue reading Lessons Learned from a Goat