Purim 5781/2021

Purim jewish holiday composition with hamantaschen, purim mask and purim gragger on a vintage wood background with copy space

Join us for a festive and joyful Purim!


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Thoughts for Parshas Shemini 5775

There is an interesting book that I read, called Freakonomics.  In it, the authors examine social questions which have accepted explanations, and offer alternative explanations, which are often quite different.  The underlying concept is that just because two things seem to be related, there is not necessarily a cause-and-effect relationship.  For example, (this is my… Continue reading Thoughts for Parshas Shemini 5775

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What’s the theme of your Seder?

A few days ago, someone sent me an article advocating an olive on the Seder plate, to symbolize peace with the Palestinians. Today, AIPAC sent me a supplement for the Hagadah. Politics aside, these equally miss the point of the Seder.


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