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  • General Donation

    Help support KBR with a one-time donation of any amount.

  • New Year, New Beginnings

    Bereishit 2-for-1 Matching Campaign

    Every dollar you give this week is $3 for KBR!  Help us meet our $9000 goal this week!


    In honor of a new year, and a new cycle of Torah readings, two generous donors have volunteered to match all new donations this week, up to $3000. This means that for every dollar you give, KBR receives $3! This is a wonderful opportunity to help KBR start out 5782 on strong financial footing.

    We reached our goal, and raised $9000 for KBR!

    New Goal!

    Double Matching For The Next $1000!

    It’s not over yet! If you haven’t yet had a chance to make a donation, we have a new matching goal: for the next $1000, all donations will be doubled!


    Matching runs through October 8, so please donate today!

  • Torah

    Aliyah Donation

    Donation upon receiving an aliyah to the Torah.

  • Donate A Chumash


    This is the Chumash that we use for Shabbat and holiday services, as well as for learning during the week.  It contains the Hebrew text and English translations of the Torah, the Haftarahs, and the Five Megillot, as well as a comprehensive commentary.

  • Donate A Library Book


    The Kol BeRamah library includes both references works and books available for loan.  The list here are some particular items that we have determined are vitally needed for our library.  If there is another book you are interested in donating, which is not listed here, please speak to the Rabbi.

  • Donate High Holiday Prayerbooks


    Donate Artscroll Machzorim (High Holiday prayerbooks).  This is the book we use at Kol BeRamah on the High Holidays.  The price includes a two-book set, one for Rosh HaShannah and one for Yom Kippur.

  • High Holy Days Virtual Yizkor Book

    Suggested: $18.00

    May G-d remember the soul of my departed loved one, who has gone on to his or her world, because, without making a vow, I shall give to charity on his or her behalf.  -The Yizkor Prayer

    Four times a year (Passover, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot), we remember our loved ones who have gone to their eternal home in the Yizkor prayer.  As part of the Yizkor service, we give charity so that the merit of our mitzvah can be an elevation for their souls.

    Kol BeRamah offers a wonderful opportunity for performing this mitzvah.  By pledging now, in advance of the holiday, you can have your loved ones listed in our Virtual Yizkor Book.  Rabbi Kelman will recite the Yizkor Service, including a special memorial prayer for all those listed by name.

    For $18 per name, your loved one will be included for Yizkor of both Yom Kippur and Shemini Atzeret.

    View our Virtual Yizkor Book.

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    Yahrzeit Donation

    Donate as a merit to the neshamah of your loved one on his or her yahrzeit.

  • Donate A Siddur


    Donate a Koren Sacks Hebrew/English Siddur.  This is the prayerbook we use at Kol BeRamah for weekdays, Shabbat, and holidays.