May G-d remember the soul of my departed loved one, who has gone on to his or her world, because, without making a vow, I shall give to charity on his or her behalf.  -The Yizkor Prayer


Moishe ben Schmiel
Feiga bas Shulem Yosef
Shulem Yosef ben Moishe
Shoshana Malka bas Shulem Yosef
Menca bas Moishe
Emanuel ben Yakov (Emanuel Ascher)
Ester bat Miriam (Esther (Ganon) Ascher)
Sara bat Malka (Asta Helena Lepinis)
Mordechai ben Moshe haLevi (Martin Ovitsky)
Rachel bat Chaim Tzvi haKohen (Ruth Katz Ovitsky)
Dr. John M. Baca
Susana Baca
Jose H. Baca
Leah bas Moshe (Leah Israel)
Leah bas Feivel (Lenore Israel)
Levi ben Zalman (Louis Israel)
Zev ben Levi (Philip Israel)
Esther bas Moshe Gedaliyah
Esther bas Moshe (Esther Kodner)
Feivel ben David (Philip Kodner)
Yente bas Shalom (Jean Kelman)
Issur Chaim ben Avraham
Aharon ben Yosef HaKohen (Aaron Cohen)
Simcha Bunim ben Binyamin HaKohen (Sumner Stone)

Join us for a special pre-Yom Kippur Yizkor & Kol Nidrei, Sunday, 9/15, 6pm.

Add Your Own Loved-Ones’ Names

Kol BeRamah offers a wonderful opportunity for performing this mitzvah.  By pledging now, in advance of the holiday, you can have your loved ones listed in our Virtual Yizkor Book.  Rabbi Kelman will recite the Yizkor Service, including a special memorial prayer for all those listed by name.